A city tour provides an introduction to Copenhagen, its history and its well-known historic and modern sights, palaces and museums, as well as an introduction to the relaxed lifestyle, which makes this city so attractive to tourists. However, the tour can be adapted to concentrate on the individual interests of the guests, for example: art, architecture, antiques, design, restaurants, shopping etc. The length of the tour determines how much we can include. A walking tour limits the distance we can cover and very much depends upon where the hotel is situated. A car tour allows a wider scope, and a nice combination is a car tour of the inner city together with a harbour and canal tour by boat, which is described below. Inside visits to palaces or museums require a minimum of 1 hour.

2 ½  hours sightseeing walking  – 240 EURO

2 hours sightseeing by car for 1 – 6 persons: 465 EURO

3 hours sightseeing by car for 1 – 6 persons:  575 EURO

Transport: Mercedes E or S class, Mercedes V-class